Frequently Asked Questions

Is my data really private?

Yes. The data you store in checkbooker is only stored on your iOS device. We have no access to your checkbooker data and do not want access to it. We really mean it when we say, "Your data is yours." The only "gateway" protecting your data is your iOS device's lock screen.

If I delete checkbooker from my phone, will my data persist if I redownload checkbooker?

No. Since we do not collect any data from you, your data will not persist if you delete checkbooker. If you delete checkbooker, all of the data stored in it will be deleted. Only photos of transactions that you have downloaded from checkbooker will persist.

How do I request new features?

If you want to request that new features be developed, please contact us at

Will checkbooker be available for Android in the future?

Yes. Currently, checkbooker is only developed using Xcode. This means it is only available for iOS devices. There are plans to migrate the checkbooker codebase to a cross-platform tool, but investigation (to determine if the migration is possible) is still ongoing.

Will checkbooker be available for desktop?

Yes. We know it will be convenient for you to manage your accounts on your mobile and desktop devices, so there are plans to make checkbooker available for desktop in the future.

How do I keep track of updates?

Currently, checkbooker does not alert you about new versions. You will have to check the App Store to see if new versions have been released. There is work being done to notify you and will be released in the future.